About Us

My Family Votes! - Who Are We?

On Nov. 7th, we want to help Philadelphia's Black community "March on the Polls" to make this city a better place to live for all its residents.
My Family Votes! is not a typical voter engagement group. We are Philadelphia residents, some who have extensive political organizing experience and some who have none.

Everyone combines their different skills to build a solid foundation for others to talk to their families and friends about voting.

No one is being paid by a candidate or other political entity. So, we get to say what we mean and mean what we say.

My Family Votes! - Why Now?

None of our core team members do social justice work. So, we did not know that Philadelphia leads the nation when it comes to antiquated criminal justice practices that leave too many of our brothers, sons, nephews, grandsons, and increasingly more of our sisters, daughters, and nieces with little opportunity after encounters with local law enforcement.

We feel that we could not sit by and watch people ignore May 16th's critical District Attorney's race. Too many African Americans are being caught in the net of over-policing, along with unbalanced criminal justice policies and practices.

Our efforts will continue for the November 7th Election.

We need a DA who:

  • Will lead prosecutors that will work to keep our city safe
  • Recognizes the need to deactivate policies that do harm to our communities
  • Uphold a standard of conduct that reflects what the voters deserve

Our History

My Family Votes! started in 2008 during the first election of Barack Obama. Emma Tramble, My Family Votes! founder, served as a community team leader well before the campaign arrived in Philadelphia for the April Primary and provided volunteers with titles. 
She noticed the campaign was targeting infrequent voters who, many times, were living with frequent voters. You know, the type of voter who never misses an election regardless of rain, shine, or hurricane conditions.
Too often, a mother would answer the phone or open a door and would say, "You don't have to come to my house, my family votes!" The campaign instructed canvassers to thank the frequent voter and walk away or hang up.
Emma came up with the idea to get African American women, the most consistent voters in the African American community, to champion voting in their own households.
There were two goals: (1) Use the power of family to influence people to vote, and (2) Make voting a family affair for future Philadelphia elections. Many other dedicated volunteers made thousands of calls to West Philadelphia households, reaching an average of three voters per home. 
The community work of My Family Votes! was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

About the Founder

Emma Tramble has an extensive background in customer and voter engagement, specializing in determining the needs of customers and voters and tailoring messages, services, and outreach to them. In February 2017, she created a side-by-side comparison of DA candidates and issues so she could make her own voting decisions. After speaking with friends, she was encouraged to work with other like-minded people to do this initiative.