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Even though all material is relevant to the Nov. 7th Election, some of it will carry the May 16th primary date until we update them. We're going to be posting videos as well as short articles about the election. Stay tuned. Join our Facebook Page so you can receive updates and share information through social media.

Civil Asset Forfeiture:  "In Philadelphia, the Forfeiture Machine Turns Cops into Robbers." - IJ - 
Authored By Emma Tramble

Updated May 19, 2017

Police and prosecutors can take, I mean seize, cash, cars, homes and other property they "suspect" will or has been used in a crime. You don't have to be charged, arrested or convicted of anything. The City brings in about $6 million per year--most of it in small amounts of cash, averaging about $178.
Where does the money go? The police and DA's office divide the money up, with the DA's office using about 40% of it to pay staff salaries, including the people who oversee seizures and forfeitures.
The next DA can dismantle this practice that "uses the public like an ATM".

This issue will be front and center for the November 7th Election since Beth Grossman, one of the DA candidates, ran the unit that oversees civil forfeitures for the District Attorney's office.
Check out this video from the Institute for Justice. 

Video:  March 16th - Black People Will #MarchOnThePolls
Authored By Earl Weeks

Updated May 12, 2017

Here is a video that provides information about Philly's DA Race Election on May 16, 2017. I am proud to be the video editor of the My Family Votes Team.

I have been pondering ways to assist people to learn more about election procedures. I believe that voting is a privilege as well as a duty to my community. I choose to disseminate information to protect and better my family, my community, my city, my state and my country.

Thanks to My Family Votes, I get to share voting information with you. Remember to pass the information to your family first and then to others.

Earl Weeks
Video Editor, My Family Votes

Broken Jail System: Op-ed:  Black People Can't Afford to Skip the May 16th DA's Election
Authored By Emma Tramble

April 14, 2017

Did you know that Philadelphia has the highest rate of incarceration among ALL jurisdictions in the United States?
In fact, Philadelphia could be considered a poster child for mass incarceration of African Americans. Read more...