Update: This page now includes judicial & ballot measure resources!

DA Candidates  
One Office

​ How do we tell them apart?

Need Help Telling the Candidates Apart?

We've done a deep, side-by-side comparison of the candidates' positions on the issues, especially those that impact the African American community. We have also weighed other factors.

Ranked Candidates List

The candidate list is ranked according to our findings and our volunteers' preferences. When you click each candidate's photo, you will launch a link to an interview that was conducted by Philadelphia Magazine in February or March. We chose this set of articles because each candidate was asked the same questions.

Since our organizers are all serious about change in Philadelphia politics, we respect the use of their personal social media platforms to express support for candidates.
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Judicial Candidates & Other Ballot Choices

So, where do you start?

Vote for More than One Office or One Issue

Folks have been asking us about the judicial races. We've purposefully focused on the District Attorney's race.  However, we have found credible resources for you regarding the judicial races and ballot questions.

  • The Philadelphia Bar Association's website contains recommendations for judicial candidates, including current judges who are seeking to stay in their positions (retention).

  • Visit Committee of Seventy's website to view the entire electoral slate and gain useful information.

  • Check out the Nov. 7th Sample Ballot that's contained on our Voting Info page.