Get Involved

2 Ways to Get Involved

Be Part of the Movement to Spread the Nov. 7th  #marchonthepolls Message

Share info on social media and in person!
  • In every post about the election, include a link to our Facebook fan page or website.
    • Tweet, Post, Email, Radio, Flyer--everywhere and anyway you communicate with people, use it as an opportunity to carry the message that our votes will deliver safer streets and a balanced criminal justice system.
    • Check out our download page for shareable images and documents.

~ AND ~

Be a Powerful Voter on Nov. 7th! How to  Get Started. 

The Easy 4 Vote OrganizerTM system is designed for busy folks who are committed to voting and want to help their friends and family to vote for the issues that matter to them. The goal is to elect a District Attorney based on the issues so we can make sure he or she keeps their campaign promises while in office.

When we vote for candidates for random reasons, such as their name was the first ballot or just because they look a certain way, we will probably end up with more of the same Philly politics. This election is too important to leave it up to chance. This easy way of sharing information will make you, your 
family, and friends more
 informed and powerful voters on Nov 7th.

Four Quick Steps to a Better Philadelphia​

​1. Commit​​​
  • You can commit to being an informed voter on Nov 7th
    • If you're going to convince others to vote, you need to walk the talk.
    • Sign the pledge on our Facebook Fan page to connect with other committed voters.
2. Choose an Issue
  • Choose at least one issue that you care to see reformed, stopped, or put into place. Then, choose a candidate based on his or her consistent position on that issue and their attitude toward balanced justice for the African American Community.
    • It's OK if you're not 100% sure about the candidates. 
      It may be helpful to choose one or two issues that really matter to you, such as not supporting Stop and Frisk, to help you narrow the choice
      See our C andidate's page to become familiar with the candidates and their basic positions.
    • We've ranked candidates for consistency around issues that affect the African American commun
      • Check out our Facebook Fan page to view videos of candidateand speeches. Chat with other voters about their choices.
3. Share
  • You can share information about the election from our Download page or our Facebook page with family and friends--in person and through social media--including email.
    • You want to make it clear to folks that you are committed to voting on Nov 7th.
      • It's OK to share that you're still choosing a candidate
      • Get a conversation started online or in person about why voting in this election is important to you.
      • Don't just post information to Facebook's newsfeed or other social media platforms.
        • Invite folks to like our Facebook Fan Page . Tag posts. Post photos of chats with friends on Instagram, etc. 
        • Get creative and share with us.
4. Get-Out-the-Vote
  • Vote!
    • Make a plan for the time of day you're going to vote.
      • Know where your polling place is located.
      • Make sure family and friends know when they're going to vote.
        • Make sure they know where their polling places are located.
      • Text. Call. Tweet. Facebook IM and post to remind people to get to the polls.